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How to check WhatsApp Status secretly: How to check someone's WhatsApp status in a secret way? Learn tricks

How to check WhatsApp Status secretly: Here we are telling such trick, through which you can see the WhatsApp status of your contact in a secret way.

How to check WhatsApp Status secretly: When you see the WhatsApp status of any of your contacts, then that person becomes aware of it. However, sometimes this happens when you want to see the WhatsApp status of your contact, but do not want that person to know that you have checked their status. Here we are telling you such a trick, through which you can see the WhatsApp status of your contact in a secret way.

- Open WhatsApp and go to 'Settings'.
- Now tap on the 'Account' tab.
Now tap on the privacy option seen at the top.
- After this, the option of 'Read Receipts' will be seen. Turn it off
- After turning off Read Receipts, if you see someone's status or chat, then they will not know about it.
You will not be able to see your status views
An interesting thing about this option is that after turning it off, it will also hide the views of your status post. This also means that you will not be able to see who has seen your WhatsApp status.

Whatsapp status lasts 24 hours

Keep in mind that any WhatsApp status lasts only for 24 hours. This means if you want to check WhatsApp status of a person, then check it within 24 hours of updating their status.

Today  In this article we will share some whatsapp secret tips , these will be very useful for you. On this post WhatsApp Tips and Tricks in Hindi, we are going to tell you the top 13 best tricks, which you will hardly know before. We mainly using whatsapp moree than other social media platform.

And on it, you have also made a Whatsapp group, or you will also be connected to many WhatsApp group. But maybe you are bored by looking at one thing everyday, to tell the truth, even Whatsapp used to run for a name only. Just to know the Whatsapp massage sent to the group, I have to come online. Because I did not know any special tricks about the Whatsapp, but as soon as I started know about some interesting tricks of Whatsapp, after that I started not feeling bored but rather funny.

Believe me that if you follow these useful tricks, you will enjoy while using WhatsApp. So let me tell you these are
 best Whatsapp tricks and it will increase your Whatsapp knowledge.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

First one, Giving some tips of WhatsApp with you, it is very important which you should know. While using Whatsapp, i think you never had try their feature. When I was start using Whatsapp, I don't know their setting. But if you will know about them then using Whatsapp becomes interesting. So let's know more some interesting tips of Whatsapp.

# 1 WhatsApp Tips: Hide Last Seen

This is a very interesting option on Whatsapp. When you just open the profile of your friend, you will know that the Last seen will be written on the top. Last seen 12:20 am so that you will know when your friend came online. But in some case you will not see the last seen of a friend. That's because he did his last seen hide. Friends, sometimes we want that no one know that we had come online today. We can use this option on that day. To do this, follow the instructions given below.

Open WhatsApp - Open setting - Click on Account - Then Privacy - Last Seen - Select Nodoby

# 2 WhatsApp Tips: Disable Auto Download Media

If photos, video, gif and audio on your Whatsapp are downloaded without downloading, then this means your Auto download mode 'ON'. Because of this, our data gets wasted. So that to turn off your auto download option, just follow these instructions.

Open WhatsApp - Open setting - Data usage - When using mobile data  - Untick the all option - Tap on Ok

# 3 WhatsApp Tips: Add Chat Shortcut

We all have some personal contacts on Whatsapp. With whom we want to chat for everytime. So on such a condition, we can use this option to place those content on our mobile home screen, after which we can send messages directly to them without opening Whatsapp. Just Follow these instructions which is given below to bring your favorite contact to the home screen.

Open WhatsApp - Press and hold chat - Tap on three dot menu - Add chat shortcut

# 4 WhatsApp Tips: Star or Unstar a Message

Sometimes we like some messages of Whatsapp group very much, and we want to read them again and again. So in such a case, we can mark them as our favorite massage. After that, whenever we feel like to read them, we can easily get them from there. If you want to make them fall by starring messages, you can click on your favorite messages by clicking on Starred massage. How to star Favorite Message? For this, follow some instructions.

Open Whatsapp ➢ Press and hold Message ➢ Click on Star icon

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