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FPI made a record of investment in November, FDI came to near Rs 62,951 crore

New Delhi Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) set a record for investment in November. According to depository data, during November 3-27, FPI has invested Rs 62,951 crore in the Indian market. According to the data, FPI has invested Rs 60,358 crore in equities and Rs 2,593 crore in debt or bond market during this period. Thus, FPI has made a net investment of Rs 62,951 crore in Indian markets during November 3 to 27. This is the highest level of FPI investment in the stock markets ever since these figures are being made available by National Securities Depository Limited.

Harsh Jain, GRO co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), said that global investors trust emerging markets more than developed markets in terms of capital infusion. This is because they are more likely to benefit in emerging markets. According to Jain, most of the investment of FPIs has come in the banking sector. Along with this he has invested in select large companies. In such a situation, it can be said that the flow of investment is concentrated in some stocks.

Morningstar India Associate Director-Manager Research Himanshu Srivastava said that the uncertainty about the President of the US has ended in November. At the same time, due to the weakness in the dollar, investors are investing capital in Indian markets. As far as the future is concerned, a lot will depend on which turn the news about the corona crisis and the vaccine developing to deal with it takes.

Most FDI came from Singapore

Singapore attracted the highest investment in India with $ 8.30 billion in the first half (April-September) of the current financial year (2020-21) under total foreign direct investment (FDI). It was followed by the US with $ 7.12 billion in second place. In the same period of last financial year, this place was of Mauritius, which came in fourth place this year. Two billion dollars were invested as FDI from Mauritius.

This information came from the data of the Department of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion (DPIIT) of the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The country received $ 2.1 billion in investment from the Cayman Islands in the first six months of the current financial year. It was followed by the Netherlands ($ 1.5 billion), Britain ($ 1.35 billion), France ($ 1.13 billion), Japan ($ 653 million) and Germany ($ 20.2 million). The increase in FDI from America is seen to be linked to the strengthening of its relationship with India.

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