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New Tech Tips And Tricks 2020

Tech Tips And Tricks 2020 -  As we all know, nowadays everyone has technical equipment like mobiles, laptops, and many of our tasks are incomplete without them… but sometimes we face some problems. We have to do… Many times we face problems in our tech devices (mainly mobile and laptops), which we have to treat immediately, otherwise it can be bad forever.

In such a situation, we have to try some such tech tips, which can make our work immediately and we do not have to go out for it… So today in this post I will tell you some such special tech tips which you can use many of your work.

So let's know some such special tech tips that can make many of your tasks easier.

Top 7 Best Tech Tips and Tricks Of 2020 

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If the water in your phone goes away ..?

Many times our phone accidentally falls into the water from us, or it accidentally drops water. In such a situation, the problem becomes for us that the phone does not go bad. So you don't have to worry too much.

When this happens, the battery and other parts of the phone come out and immediately press it in the rice for 24-48 hours. By doing this, the rice will absorb all the moisture inside your phone and there will be no fear of the phone going bad.

The network does not come on the phone ..?

Many times a network problem occurs in our phone and even after trying, the network is not available. In such a situation keep the phone in a glass of glass for a while. This will improve the network.

Wi-Fi Signal Problem ..?

If your Wi-Fi signal is low, you should keep an empty beer can aluminum file near your Wi-Fi router to improve it. This will slightly improve the signal.

If you want to increase the power of the power bank ..?

If you want to increase the power of your power bank, then at least once a month, charge it fully and then allow it to be discharged completely. Allow full discharge once. This will increase the power of the power bank.

If the laptop becomes hot ..?

If the laptop is hot and you do not have a cooling pad, you can use an empty egg tray. If you use a laptop on this tray, then it will get enough air.

Laptop keyboards.?

If you are having trouble cleaning the laptop keyboard, then you should use a sticky note (paste-it-note) or pieces of paper. The hidden dirt can be cleared from them.

If only to clear the screen ..?

If the screen has become blurred due to a small scratch, then clean it by applying a little toothpaste with cotton.

You can make many of your tasks easier by simply adopting tech tips from these simple. Do tell about the post and share it.

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